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  • डॉ.गोमा देवी शर्मा (अधिकारी)

    Dr Goma Devi Sharma (Adhikari) Assistant Prof. Tezpur University,Assam Book Authored- 1.Nepali Bhasha ra Sanskriti 2. Manipurma Nepali Sahitya ek adhyayan 3. Bharatiya Nepali Sahitya ka Vishleshanatmak Itihas 4. Naari Sarjak Book Edited - Sahitya Lahar (2021), 21 Lokathayen Assam (2022), Purvottar Bharat ke Vismrit Swadhinta Senani (2023) Translation Work -Shunya Prahar ka Sakshi (Nepali to Hindi, 2022) More than 25 research papers published in National and International Journals.

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